Ready to have massive exposure to your work on automate?

The 1:1 Experience


  • You already know what you're really good at and you have a specific offer that you sell. You have already had success selling said offer (enquiries/enrolments/sign ups for your work).
  • However, you are so tired of hustling + burning out to promote it now. You are so tired of constantly launching your work. You are so tired of relying on organic marketing strategies.
  • You want to be able to step back from promoting your work without your business grinding to a screeching halt. You are tired of sacrificing your freedom and your peace.
  • You definitely know that God has been leading you in a new direction for your marketing, specifically, automated marketing. You have already been working on implementing this into your business so you experience more freedom, more peace of mind and success, and you are so determined to experience this all.
  • You know this is all possible for you, mainly because God has been speaking to you about this, but also because you see that it is possible for you.
  • You have been trying to figure out how to make an automated marketing machine work. You have been trying to piece together information from multiple sources, causing you confusion. You know you need strategy and guidance to make it all work smoothly.
  • You 100% know the value of having a coach who's been there, done that, got the t-shirt, and who can help you. You're so ready for this type of support right now. You know a coach will help you to experience more freedom, more peace, and success sooner rather than later.
  • One day, you know you will step off the launching hamster wheel and from organic marketing strategies, that you'll have more freedom, more peace and see success in your business without hustling + burning out.

Sounds just like you? Awesome — you are in the right place...


The 1:1 Experience

A 4-month one-to-one programme designed for called Christian coaches who are 100% ready to have massive exposure to their work on automate.



In The 1:1 Experience, all the attention is on you.

As her private client, Olivia focuses on you only and provides you with the tailor-fit support that you need (and want) in this intimate one-to-one setting.

With this highly customised support and with God on your side, you have what you need for your work to have the success the Lord always intended it to have, in His perfect timing, without sacrificing your peace and freedom.

Here are the 3 core areas that you will work on in the programme:

  • With Olivia, you will plan a customised marketing system that works for you on automate. It will include elements such as a freebie, tripwire, and email funnel. Then, she will teach you exactly how to implement your tailor-made system step-by-step.
  • Olivia will teach you how to implement Facebook and/or Instagram ads step-by-step so you expand your reach and continuously grow your audience on automate.
  • As well as providing you with the strategy you need, Olivia also coaches you so you have the mental outlook on marketing that you need for the full transformation. Olivia will help you to shift your frame of mind so you don't slip back into launching your work all the time + relying on organic marketing strategies again. So you have more peace of mind, more freedom and success in God's perfect timing.

Important note:

Your automated marketing machine does the majority of the heavy lifting (marketing) in your business. However, it is recommended that when it's set up, you do some LIGHT marketing activity on the front end, so you keep your audience updated with any business news + updates (Olivia just sends 1-2 weekly emails and creates content for her bi-weekly podcast). Olivia ONLY launches now when she feels led to by the Lord.


During the 4 month programme, you will receive:

  • A total of 8, 45-minute one-to-one Zoom calls (2 calls per month set on a bi-weekly basis), where you receive: strategy, coaching, and discuss anything else that comes up so you know exactly what needs to be done next (and how to do it) to help welcome more freedom, more peace and success into your business + life.
  • Exclusive one-to-one Voxer access (voice + text chat) in between calls available on Mondays to Thursdays only. Olivia responds once per day. On Voxer, 1) Olivia cheers you on and celebrates your wins, both big and small. 2) She will help you to shift your mental outlook on marketing by providing you with coaching, personalised insights, fresh perspectives, and customised guidance so you don't slip back into old habits + experience success in God's perfect timing. 3) The Voxer chat is also a great opportunity to resolve any questions you may have, so there are no delays to your progress.


By fully committing to doing the work during your time together, and in God's perfect timing, you can expect:

  • Enquiries/enrolments/signups for your work without hustling.
  • New, ideal clients finding you regularly and on repeat. Your audience growing on automate with little input from you.
  • More awareness of your work because your audience continuously grows.
  • A fresh perspective on how you feel about marketing.
  • More peace of mind regarding marketing.
  • No more constantly launching to help get the word out about your work.
  • No need to rely on organic marketing strategies.
  • More freedom in your life to focus on other things that also mean a lot to you.


I have always had a thing for automated marketing.

When I was very young, I had a fascination for those "yes or no" quizzes that lead me down a certain pathway based on my answers.

I also studied media at school I was fascinated with promotion and advertising. At university, I gained a bachelors degree in Media and Communication.

I have 5 years of marketing experience, and in my last working role, I was a Marketing and Brand Manager. Among my many responsibilities, I was in charge of Facebook and Instagram ads.

I had the responsibility of planning, creating, running, and analysing ads. I successfully expanded the company's reach.

Plus, I also had the responsibility of creating automated marketing systems from scratch and monitoring their progress which I ran successfully, bringing new people into the company.

I enjoyed getting stuck into automated marketing so much, that my previous boss saw this passion and entrusted me to teach interns about ads and marketing systems.

However, when I came into the online space, I started launching like everyone else I followed the crowd and disregarded my knowledge + experience. I also leaned on organic marketing strategies, like utilising Instagram hashtags, following ideal clients regularly and posting on IG stories daily.

Though organic marketing can be effective, and though launching was (and still is) useful, I soon realised that these strategies were super draining. I knew that relying on launching all the time wouldn't be sustainable.


So I decided to use automated marketing my time, energy and freedom back I took what I did and learned from working for someone else and applied it to my own business.

(You may know that I talk about God being the boss of your business, but this big decision happened before I saw that. Looking back, I now see the Lord was leading me down this path).

With the help of my knowledge + expertise...

  • I have ads that run daily, ever-expanding my business' reach.
  • New people find me on a regular basis and are welcomed into my marketing system.
  • Hundreds of people have downloaded my freebies.
  • People have signed up for my courses and digital products.
  • I have received enquiries regarding my work.

God is involved too.

He led me to work on how I feel about marketing (despite implementing automation, I still launched regularly and I still used organic marketing strategies).

I now see marketing differently which has invited more peace of mind, like actually knowing that I don't need to hustle, and more freedom (actually not hustling). I lean on God to welcome success into my business now. 

My automated marketing machine does the majority of the heavy lifting (marketing) in my business. On the front end, I just send 1-2 emails on a weekly basis and create bi-weekly podcast episodes for my show, She Is Called To Freedom™. I only launch when called to do so.

I have more time to spend with God, more time to spend with my loved ones, and the other things that matter to me in life. I also have more time for myself.

With my knowledge, expertise, experience, and unique spin on things, I would be honoured to help you in The 1:1 Experience™.



This one-to-one programme is designed for called Christian Life Coaches, Personal Coaches, Wellness Coaches, and similar online coaches.

This programme is for you if:

  • First and foremost: you 100% know that God is telling you it's for you
  • You are a spirit-led Christian believer of the Lord Jesus Christ
  • You feel confident about receiving information from the Holy Spirit
  • You are ready to get started in this programme now (God is telling you that now is the time, you are 100% ready and eager to get started now, and you can pay the investment).
  • You definitely want customised, tailored support in a one-to-one setting
  • You are 100% ready, willing + committed to doing the work in this programme
  • You 100% know that you are called by God to be a coach
  • You are so passionate + on fire for your work
  • You already know how to sell your offer
  • You have already successfully sold your offer
  • You are currently launching your offer regularly
  • You are currently using organic marketing strategies
  • You have email marketing software
  • You have a functioning website ready + set up, or you have a landing page builder such as LeadPages ready to use
  • You are very hard-working and highly motivated
  • You are ready for more freedom
  • You are ready for more peace regarding the promotion of your work
  • You think ‘big picture' and ‘long-term’ in regards to your online coaching business. You are in it for the long haul.
  • You are ready, willing + able to spend some money on testing ads
  • You are ready, willing + able to spend a minimum of £10/$10 ad spend a day, per ad to reach new people online and then increase ad spend.


This one-to-one programme is not for you if:

  • You are not 100% sure God is telling you it's for you
  • You are not ready to get started in this programme now
  • Customised, tailored support in a one-on-one setting is not a priority for you
  • You are not in a position to invest in yourself at a high-level
  • You are not ready, willing and committed to doing the work in this programme
  • You don't feel confident about receiving information from the Holy Spirit
  • You are not 100% sure if God wants you to be a coach
  • You are not in your online coaching business for the long haul
  • You haven't yet achieved results for yourself/clients with your work
  • You don't have email marketing software
  • You haven't fully decided that it is possible for you to master ads
  • You don't see the benefit of running ads
  • You don't see the benefit of an email funnel
  • You do not have a website or a landing page builder ready to use
  • You are not ready, willing + able to spend some money on testing ads
  • You are not ready, willing, nor able to have a daily ad spend of at least £10/$10 per ad to reach new people online and then increase ad spend.
  • You need lots of accountability and prodding to do the work.


Olivia specialises in Facebook and Instagram ads.


1:1 Zoom calls will be held on Wednesdays or Thursdays between 12 pm and 4 pm British Standard Time (BST).

1:1 Voxer support from Olivia will be between 12 pm and 4 pm BST, Mondays to Thursdays only.


Yes! All sessions and the support included in this one-to-one programme are based online. However, please be aware of the previously mentioned days and times that you will receive support.


Once you have submitted your application, within 3-5 business days, Olivia will reach out to you with the next steps to get started now — she will email you the client agreement + the invoice containing bank transfer information.

Once those are both settled, you will be sent your enrolment email which includes the Voxer handle you need to start chatting with Olivia, and the link to book your first Zoom session together!


The investment is in British pounds (GBP).  


Due to the nature of this programme, there is a strict no-refund policy.


If you have questions, click here: to send an email to Olivia and she will be more than happy to answer them.


Here's what's really important — God's knows if The 1:1 Experience™ is what you specifically need.

He knows if the knowledge, expertise, and experience I have acquired along my unique journey is exactly what you need in a high-level format to get clarity, clear understanding, and breakthroughs so your business + life transforms too.

Ask Him, He has an answer waiting for you.

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Seek His will in all you do and He will show you which path to take". - Proverbs 3:5-6

If you 100% know that the Lord is telling you that this programme is for you, and you are ready to get started now (God is telling you that *right now* is the time, you are 100% ready and eager to get started now, and you can pay the investment), the next step is to click the button at the bottom of this page to fill out the application form in detail and in its entirety.

I am so looking forward to learning about you and your current situation!


£25,000 (GBP) paid in full.

Note: unfortunately, there are no payment plans available.

Spots in this one-to-one programme are very limited + specifically reserved for called Christian coaches who 100% know that the Lord is leading them to work with Olivia, and who are ready to get started now.

Simply click the button below to apply for a spot in The 1:1 Experience™.