Create an idea for an absolutely irresistible freebie [Workbook]

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Is the Lord leading you to build a marketing system for your coaching business?

Let me help you with the very first (important) step — I have made a workbook that helps you create an epic idea for a freebie.

Creating a freebie is easy. It is the freebie idea that matters most.

In this resource, I provide you with an extensive 40 prompts and then I walk you through my unique process of coming up with your perfect freebie idea to create your freebie today.

The formula that is contained within this workbook is a very special process that I have created, successfully used myself, and now share with you for the benefit of your online coaching business.

My highest freebie conversion rate to date is nearly 70%, and I have had hundreds of freebie downloads in a matter of months.

I have had people in my audience reach out and let me know how much my freebies have helped them.

I have created freebies that welcome people into my marketing systems, which nurtures them and promotes an offer to them all on automate.

Now —

If your freebie conversion rate is anything less than 35%, then this workbook has been designed with you in mind.

Or, if you don't have a freebie and you are ready to build a marketing system for your online coaching business, this workbook has also been created with you in mind.

This workbook is for you if:

> First and foremost: God is telling you it's for you.

> You are a spirit-led Christian believer of the Lord Jesus Christ.

> You are intrigued to find out about my winning freebie formula that is unique.

> You are a Life Coach, Personal Coach, Wellness Coach, or similar online coach who is ready to promote your work on automate.

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The workbook is just £47!

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