This Is She Is Called To Freedom

Welcome to She Is Called To Freedom with your host, Olivia Genevieve.

The podcast for called Christian coaches who are ready to master marketing and strategy, without sacrificing their peace and freedom in the process.


Big Email Funnel Myths, Busted

In this episode, Olivia debunks major email funnel myths that she regularly hears about in the online space.

What It Takes To Have A Successful Email Funnel

Olivia reveals exactly what it takes to have a successful email funnel for your online coaching business in this episode. 


Let's Talk About The New Age In The Online Space

In this episode, Olivia talks about a prevalent topic in the online space: the new age.

She also talks about what is needed so that Christian believers do not succumb to its practices, as well as revealing her own experiences regarding the new age.

Why Being An 'Independent Boss' Is A Problem

In the online space, being “independent”, “calling the shots” and “leading yourself” in business are really being emphasised at the moment.

Olivia talks about why this is a problem to take particular heed of in this episode. 

Building Your List With Ads Comes Second. Here's Why...

You know God wants you to get the word out about your epic work…

Yes, growing your reach and audience is and sounds exciting…

However, that comes second.

In this episode, Olivia explains why this is the case and why having an irresistible freebie, *as well* as a tripwire and an email funnel FIRST is so important. 

Programmes That Are Focused On Making Money Are A Problem

In the online space, many programmes or offers promise to help coaches achieve certain monetary results, such as 10k weeks, 100k months, million pound/dollar years, etc.

There are so many of these offers currently available that it's not hard to find one. 

In this episode, Olivia will be explaining why these programmes that are focused on making money are a problem.

You Don't Have Competition

If you know, without a shadow of a doubt, that God has called you to be a coach + get the word out about your work…

...You don't have competition.

In this episode, Olivia reveals the exact reasons why you don't have competition as a called Christian coach.

The Dangers Of Social Media

There is no doubt that social media has become a part of our lives. Though it can be very useful and informative, there are dangers that you should be aware of too.

In this episode, Olivia talks about the dangers of social media, as well as the solutions that you can implement so that you don't succumb to said dangers.

Your Freebie — We Need To Talk About It

It's time to talk about your freebie.

Olivia's highest freebie conversion rate is nearly 70% and she has had hundreds of freebie downloads in a matter of months. 

In this episode, Olivia talks about the HUGE importance and impact of a freebie in regards to a marketing system for your online coaching business.

A Big Truth About Marketing You Need To Know About

Olivia reveals a BIG truth about marketing that she has had for a long time, something that will make all the difference for you if you take it on board.

What Else You Need To Know About The Email Funnel

There are some other things you need to know about the email funnel, and in this episode, Olivia reveals these key points to you.

This episode is part 2 of "What It Takes To Have A Successful Email Funnel".

About Being In God's Will For Your Business...

It is time to get nitty-gritty...

In this episode, Olivia talks about the reality of following God's will for your online coaching business. Get ready for some fresh new perspectives that you can take with you moving forward. 

Prophetic Word: You Will Soar To New Heights

Get ready for some revelation and insight: in this episode of She Is Called To Freedom, Olivia shares a prophetic word with you.

Let's Talk About God's Timing In Business

Timing is a VERY big thing in business, and currently, everyone is talking about it in the online space right now. 

In this episode, Olivia talks about many things associated with God's timing in your business...

Get ready for useful insights and fresh perspectives — this is an episode that you definitely do not want to miss.

Spiritual Warfare And Your Business

As a called Christian coach, it is important to be aware of the devil's schemes...

In this episode, Olivia talks about spiritual warfare in relation to your online business. 

What You Need To Know About Paid Ads To Promote Your Freebie...

It is time to talk about Facebook and Instagram ads!

Olivia reveals some major keys about paid ads to promote your freebie. You may want to get your writing materials to take some notes on this juicy episode...

I'm back! Welcome to She Is Called To Freedom

Olivia is back and she has two very exciting announcements to make on this podcast episode!

Testimonials aren't as important as you think...

Do you rely on testimonials to sell your work?

Are you relying on people's testimonials (or a lack thereof) to make investment decisions for your business and/or life?

If you answered "yes" to either of the above, this is an episode that you do NOT want to miss.

Olivia explains why testimonials aren't as important as you think. Get ready to see them a little differently moving forward!